Motility Center at GCC

The medical providers at The Gastroenterology Center of Connecticut (GCC) are committed to taking care of our patients and providing excellent care. We take great pride in patient education because we feel it empowers patients and strengthens the therapeutic alliance.




Let's get moving or not: what is a GI motility disorder?

The digestive system is made up of many organs that work together to break down the foods we eat in order to nourish our bodies. It is a well coordinated, stepwise process which ultimately results in the elimination of undigested food particles as waste. There are many types of gastrointestinal (GI) diseases and one subset is classified as motility disorders because they develop as a result of problems with moving broken down food particles from one part of the digestive tract to the next.

GCC's motility team is made up of highly skilled board certified gastroenterologists and compassionate nurses who strive to diagnose and manage motility abnormalities. Examples and descriptions of movement abnormalities treated at GCC are listed below. Perhaps one, or more than one of these, affects your health.

Most tests are performed in our endoscopy center or in a quiet, private examination room. Testing is scheduled and performed by our motility nurse, Ellen. She has an excellent bedside manner and explains the testing and instructions very well. Our patients have given positive feedback.

We look forward to meeting you and working with you to regain normal bowel function. Please request an appointment today.


The GCC Motility Team
Dr. Taneisha Grant, Dr. Latha Alaparthi and Ellen Jacobs, RN

The Gastroenterology Center of Connecticut Colonoscopy with Dr. Taneisha Grant

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